Court Langley Paddocks is a result of a father and daughter’s passion for cars. ​

Aziz and his daughter Nabila are rally drivers and have a great affinity for all things motor sport! Having the toys there has always been the need to store them, and hence the birth of Court Langley Paddocks!​

Knowing others who also have a great passion for classics and sports cars having a secure, well-maintained space to keep their prized possessions is extremely important. ​

We set out to create the perfect space, and make it a personalized, safe, sanctuary as well as create a community of like-minded people who all share the same passion and interests. ​

You will have the ability to create the perfect environment for your prized possessions, within your space. From a man cave/den feel, with a mezzanine area, to a luxury show room style feel or the perfect workshop. You will have your creative freedom to create your perfect space and enjoy your most valued motor possessions.​

We will be here to ensure that the space meets all your needs and provide you with a beautiful clubhouse on the premises. There is also the opportunity to meet and enjoy the company of   individuals with common interests, with entertainment and activities as well as meeting rooms, and a show room to display those special cars or even to sell and buy another!​

The club house is equipped with kitchens, offices to use, WIFI, showers, laundry and outdoor entertaining areas, as well as small and large meeting rooms for functions, outdoor seating and entertainment areas, and more.​

On site there is also a full detail bay for your use, as well as RV waste disposal facilities.​

There is a wonderful outdoor car display area for you to share and display your toys as well as take photos, and there will be coffee mornings and more events that will take place throughout the year.​

Don’t just dream about it – live the dream at Court Langley Paddocks!​