Court Langley Paddock is a personal storage facility for car collectors, motorsports enthusiasts, RV/boat owners, or anyone who needs extra space.

These being garage condos are like owning a residential condominium. You own the property.​

There are 60 garage-condo units in total, with sizes ranging from approximately 1000 sf to larger units. All units have a height clearance of 20 feet, with 14-footpower roller doors, with widths of 20-24 Ft and depths of 44 – 65 feet. The units will accommodate RV’s too, and the site turning circles will enable easy manoeuvring.​

You may use your condo as you please but bear in mind, any use that creates excess noise, dust, storage of hazardous materials or pollutants, or fire hazards or anything for that matter that negatively impacts the reasonable use and enjoyment of other units are not permitted. The Condo Association Rules and Regulations will be provided for you for review and acceptance before purchase of the unit.​

You can rent out your condo should you so wish. Tenants must follow the rules and regulations of the Garage Owners Association and acknowledge them upon lease execution. You will also need to let us know and provide the names and leasing agreement for security purposes

You cannot live in your unit.​

You can do almost anything you would do at home, as long as your work or hobby does not reasonably interfere with the enjoyment of other condo occupants and does not violate any of the restrictions in the association rules.​

Operating a business is not permitted from your unit.​

Access is available 24/7 365 days a year.​

There will be and RV waste facility on site. In addition, there will be additional open storage and parking facilities available for lease in the adjoining property.

There will be CONDO fees and an annual club membership fee. These fees cover: Care of the owner’s lounge and other common spaces, landscaping, exterior lighting, water, internet, monitoring, insurance and other operating expenses such as reserve funds for future updates.​

Each owner pays for their individual use. Each condo will be individually metered.
The units are of concrete block with impact resistant glass​.

The owner’s lounge will have back up to cover the security cameras and gate entry systems. ​

The whole site has fire sprinklers​.
The condos are treated like standard condominium units and can be financed.​